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Hafiz Cards - My Eyes Can No Longer Hide...

About the Cards:

My dear, how can I be more loving to you;
how can I be more kind?

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My Dear, How Can I Be More Loving To You, How Can I Be More Kind.

Sufi Gift Series
Hafiz Poetry Cards

This breathtaking card series features the beautiful poetry of Hafiz accompanied by stunning artwork.

My dear, how can I be more loving to you;
how can I be more kind.


Sufism is known as the way of the Heart, the way of the Pure, the Mystical Path of Islam. By whatever name it is called, it is the path which takes the seeker to the Divine Presence. In essence, Sufism is a means and a way by which the seeker will move from the gravity of his or her lower self to ascend with the assistance of a spiritual master, and through the methods and practices defined by the way of the Khwajagans, the Elite. He or she will be lifted to the state wherein the vision of God is presented to the seeker.

The ways to God are as numerous as the breaths of mankind. Each individual person has a unique and private path to the Divine Presence. This is the Sufi Path...

An envelope is included with every card.

: Length cm x Width cm

Availability: Usually ships in 3-4 business days.

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