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Lavender & Propolis Soap

About the Soap:

About Agualluvia:

Agualluvia is born from our experience with nature in southern Chile. We have created a product that best exemplifies the benefits of a healthy and pure life. A product that transmitS the health and spirit of the native forest combined with all the aspects of wild and mysterious nature.

All of the components have been carefully selected and balanced to enrich and bring life to your skin. We have strived to bring you a completely natural product. We have looked back into the annals of humanity in search of aromas and sensations that have been lost in order to bring you a product that helps you rekindle that inner earthly connection and reaffirms your natural bond with the soil and reconnects YOU with nature.

Agualluvia seeks to maintain and strengthen the innate harmony between humankind and nature.

Our AGUALLUVIA range consists of 12 different types of soaps:

Aleppo (90% Olive Oil)

Avocado, Honey & Hazelnuts,
Green Tea, Lime & Lemon Verbena,
Lavender & Oatmeal,
Lavender & Propolis,
Matico & Tea Tree,
Rose, Shilajit & Geranium,
Shea Butter, Calendula & Melissa.

All of the above soaps have aroma therapeutic benefits as well as healing properties, are 100% natural and entirely handmade!


Agualluvia - Lavender & Propolis Handmade 100% Natural Soap Bar

Sufi Gift & Beauty Series
A Handmade Milk Soap Bar made from RAINWATER

Lavender & Propolis

This soap has extraordinary antiseptic and antibiotic properties that belong to propolis. Propolis is a natural anti microbial used for bees in their hives. This soap also contains ulmo honey, which give our soap special nutrients to reconstruct damaged skin.

Weight: 80 grams

Availability: Usually ships in 3-4 business days.

AGUA- L&P - Price: £6.95

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