Jesus Christ the son of Mary

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Al-Habib 'Ali al-Jafri is from Tarim, the valley of scholarship and light in Hadramawt, south Yemen. He took his classical Islamic knowledge from the great masters of the Ba 'Alawwi including the late Habib asHabib Mashur Haddad, the great Faqih of Madina Habib Zayn al Sumayt and the great Faqih and Qutub Habib 'Abdul Qadir al-Saqqaf. He teaches at the Dar al-Mustafa school in Tarim. His commitment to da'wa has taken him to all corners of the world.

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Jesus Christ: The Son of Mary and His Most Blessed Mother

Sunni Doctrine Series
Al-Habib Ali Al-Jafri

After the manifestation of abslute spirituality appears in this existence in the face of absolute materiality, the latter will crack and cave in before the former, because materiality comes second to spirit. Materiality was created only as a servant to the spirit, were it not for the foolishness of people and their covetousness that caused them to make of themselves servants of materialism! When the Manifestation of the tyranny of materialism looks at the Manifestation of the supremacy of the spirit, it shall melt and be powerless to resist. At that time the Divine victory will appear in plain sight, atthe hand of our liege-lord Jesus, upon him peace.

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